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What our clients say about our services...

At Global Resumé Services, our passion is helping clients achieve their professional goals.


Below are just a few of the enthusiastic testimonials we received over the years from satisfied customers who benefited from our expert help with resumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.


And if you become a client, we would love to hear from you too!

Global Resumé Services makes your resumé stand out in a crowd. I received an immediate offer after submitting my new and improved resumé! Thank you! Couldn’t have done it without you!


Thanks to Global Resumé Services, I've gotten numerous interviews, a new job, higher hourly pay, and much, much better benefits.


Global Resumé Services did a fabulous job with my resumé and cover letter. I can't wait to apply for a position and submit my new resumé.


I highly recommend Global Resumé Services! They did an exceptional job and made the process easy. After all, who likes updating their resumés?


Global Resumé Services helped me very quickly and paid close attention to detail. I just received my cover letter and resumé from them. The documents are outstanding.


Global Resumé Services made me look great on paper. I am excited about sending out my resumé for the first time ever!


I got the first and only job I applied for—within a week of submitting my resumé. Thank you!


I came into the job-hunting process fearful, nervous, and way underqualified. Global Resumé Services made the process easy and offered great advice—worth more than money to me. Thank you so much for your incredible work, service, dedication, and speed.


Global Resumé Services is fantastic! You won’t have to worry about wording and putting it all together—they do it all! Answer a few questions, and there you go! Best money I’ve spent in a while!


My new resumé got me a new job—I started last week. I appreciate your help!


I sent Global Resumé Services a few old resumés and my current job description, and within a matter of days they produced an extremely polished resumé. Their kindness and professionalism are second to none.


The prospective employer was so impressed with my resumé they sent it to Memphis to the main hospital to see if they could pay me more per hour. I start my new position in September. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful resumé for me!


Thanks in no small part to the amazing resumé and cover letter Global Resumé Services crafted, I have accepted a new job. The entire process, from the lowest low to the highest peak, has only taken twenty days. I cannot thank you enough.


Global Resumé Services puts its heart into designing the perfect resumé just for you.


I highly recommend Global Resumé Services. They completed my resumé, and before I could reach back out for a cover letter, I was offered a position as an E.R. Tech —which is exactly what I wanted.


Global Resumé Services helped me find a great opportunity. Last week I accepted an offer. I'm excited to join a large company and will be moving to Nashville in March. Thank you for helping me find my way.


The first job I applied for using my updated resumé gave me a call and set up an interview. I start my job in two weeks!  It's a good job with excellent benefits.  I know that resumé was instrumental in getting that initial call.


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