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Unlock your full potential as a job seeker and impress potential employers with your unique gifts, abilities, skills, and areas of expertise. At Global Resumé Services, I skillfully highlight your individual experiences and training to present you as the qualified candidate that employers are searching for. Let me help you land your dream job and advance your career goals with ease.

I understand that communicating your qualifications, highlighting your strengths and transferable skills, and standing out from the competition can be daunting. That's why I offer a range of professional services to help you showcase your abilities and impress hiring managers.

  • Utilizing industry-specific keywords and formatting, your tailored resume will be optimized to showcase your expertise.

  • Personalized cover letters will demonstrate your readiness for a new role and passion for supporting the mission of a new organization.

  • Leveraging my professional LinkedIn profile services, you can enhance your visibility to potential employers and unlock valuable networking opportunities within your industry.

Don't let the challenges of drafting resumes, cover letters, and profiles hold you back. With my expert guidance and support, you can overcome any obstacle, whether you're seeking your first job, transitioning to a new industry, or looking to advance into management or executive roles.


Let Global Resumé Services help you clear those hurdles, stand out from the crowd, and receive interview calls with confidence. Take the first step towards your dream career today!

Thanks to Global Resumé Services, I've gotten numerous interviews,

a new job, higher hourly pay, and much, much better benefits.


With over a decade of experience, Global Resumé Services has helped professionals at the highest levels of industries shine during their job searches by highlighting their unique qualifications and accomplishments. I take pride in making the career-search preparation process seamless for clients, delivering exceptional resumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles at a reasonable cost, and completing work with utmost speed and accuracy to help clients enter the job market with confidence.

Global Resumé Services makes your resumé stand out in a crowd.

I received an immediate offer after submitting my new and improved resumé! Thank you! Couldn’t have done it without you!


I cater to a diverse range of clients, including high-level professionals such as C-suite executives, physicians, lawyers, sales executives, as well as those who are transitioning to executive positions. My clients come from a variety of industries, such as finance, healthcare, technology, and beyond. Regardless of your field or level of expertise, my services can help you showcase your unique qualifications, skills, and experiences in a way that will impress potential employers and open new doors in your career.

I came into the job-hunting process fearful and nervous.


Global Resumé Services made the process easy and offered great advice—

worth more than money to me.


Thank you so much for your incredible work, service, dedication, and speed.


My services can benefit anyone looking to advance their career, from business owners to sales executives, medical professionals to attorneys. I strive to provide the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to all of my clients, regardless of their industry or experience level.


And I would love to serve you as well!

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Suzanne Stamboulieh is a highly skilled expert in professional resumé writing and career coaching. Her exceptional track record and proud affiliation with the Professional Resumé Writers and Career Coaches Association demonstrate her commitment to delivering premium services that enable clients to achieve their career aspirations.

As the founder and director of Global Resumé Services, Suzanne is dedicated to providing outstanding results to clients worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a recent graduate, Suzanne's expertise and personalized approach will help you unlock your full potential and take your career to new heights.


Don't settle for mediocrity in your career; contact Global Resumé Services today to take the first step toward your dream job.

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